Mango Airlines Security Checks And Or Tambo Airport Multi-Use Terminals

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We are back again for another post.This post addresses, the new extended security checks at South African airline Mango and also the terminals at OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, that will now be multi-use for both international and domestic flights.

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Mango Airlines Security Checks

From April 1, South African Airline, Mango, will introduce further security checks in an attempt to combat credit card and sales fraud. Passengers travelling on Mango who have paid by credit card must present the transactional card on request. Therefore, if you are paying for a ticket on behalf of someone else, you will have to pay directly into the airlines account, or pay cash at an Airport.

OR Tambo International Airtport Multi-use Terminals

From April 1, terminals at OR Tambo International Airport will be multi-use and will process both international and domestic flights.

The two terminals will in future be known as Terminal A and B. Terminal A will extend from the Central Terminal Building (CTB) atrium to the north (previously the international terminal) and Terminal B will extend south (previously the domestic terminal).

The existing international departures hall will continue to be used for international flights only, while the CTB departures facility will be used by both international and domestic airlines.

Counters will have a three-digit number prefaced by A or B. The existing counters in Terminal B will be renumbered in preparation for the opening of the new facility.

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