Openings, Rebuildings And Refurbishments – Nxai Pan Camp and St Anne Resort

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I just love it, when a new camp or lodge is opened, or when a resort is being rebuilt or refurbished.That feeling you get that you are going to expect something completely different than before, are so compelling.Which brings me to my post of today.The opening of Nxai Pan Camp in the Nxai Pan National Park in Botswana, and the St Anne Resort in the Seychelles, that has recently been rebuilt and refurbished completely.

Nxai Pan Camp – Nxai Pan National Park

Nxai Pan Camp has just opened in Botswana’s Nxai Pan National Park. This is the first lodge in the Park, and is privately run. It is small, with only 8 units, and is well placed for those who wish to visit this unique and beautiful area.Please visit Nxai Pan Camp for more information.

Nxai Pan Camp Exterior

Nxai Pan Camp Exterior

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St Anne Island Resort – Seychelles

St Anne Resort in the Seychelles has recently finished a complete rebuild and refurbishment. All accommodation units are Villas – which vary from Beau Sejour with private terrace and gazebo to the Royal Villa, with 3 bedrooms, and private pool. Guests have an excellent choice in terms of restaurants – with four to choose from, including buffet and a la carte selections. Activities are many and varied, and there is lots to do, including the Bob Marlin kids club.Please visit: Saint Anne Island Resort for more information.


Click on the images to view the St Anne resort gallery, or click on the following link: St Anne Island resort gallery

So please check out these 2 properties, and you never know.Maybe you will found yourself on a game drive in Botswana, or sipping a cocktail in the Seychelles, in the not to distant future.

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